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How to make Frontype display your language

Posted on November 3rd, 2009

Some users send us questions: “I don’t see keyboard layout of Sanskrit, Portuguese… [whatever] language”, “how to switch Frontype to … [whatever] language”.

The matter is:

Frontype displays any languages and layout ALREADY ADDED to your system.

Briefly: Click Start –> Control Panel –> Regional and Language Options –> Languages/Details/Add Language

Please, read these useful links for detailed instruction.

How to add your language and keyboard in Windows XP and Vista:

Arabic keyboard
Armenian keyboard
Azerbaijani Cyrillic
Azeri Latin
Belgian keyboard
Bolivian keyboard
Bosnian Cyrillic
Bosnian Latin keyboard
Bulgarian keyboard
Byelorussian keyboard
Croatian keyboard
Czech keyboard
Danish keyboard
Dhivehi keyboard
Dutch keyboard
Estonian keyboard
Faeroese keyboard
Farsi keyboard
Finnish keyboard
French keyboard
German keyboard
Georgian keyboard
Greek keyboard
Gujarati keyboard
Hebrew keyboard
Hindi keyboard
Hungarian keyboard
Icelandic keyboard
Italian keyboard
Kannada keyboard
Kazakh keyboard
Konkani keyboard
Latvian keyboard
Lithuanian keyboard
Luxemburg keyboard
Macedonian keyboard
Maltese keyboard
Marathi keyboard
Mongolian keyboard
Nepali keyboard
Norwegian keyboard
Polish keyboard
Portuguese keyboard
Punjabi keyboard
Pushto (Afghani) keyboard
Romanian keyboard
Russian keyboard
Sami keyboard
Sanskrit keyboard
Serbian Cyrillic keyboard
Serbian Latin keyboard
Slovak keyboard
Slovenian keyboard
Spanish keyboard
Swedish keyboard
Syrian keyboard
Tamil keyboard
Tatar keyboard
Telugu keyboard
Thai keyboard
Turkish keyboard
Ukrainian keyboard
Urdu keyboard
Uzbek Cyrillic keyboard
Vietnamese keyboard
Welsh keyboard

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