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How to make Frontype display your language

Posted on November 3rd, 2009

Some users send us questions: “I don’t see keyboard layout of Sanskrit, Portuguese… [whatever] language”, “how to switch Frontype to … [whatever] language”.

The matter is:

Frontype displays any languages and layout ALREADY ADDED to your system.

Briefly: Click Start –> Control Panel –> Regional and Language Options –> Languages/Details/Add Language

Please, read these useful links for detailed instruction.

How to add your language and keyboard in Windows XP and Vista:

Arabic keyboard
Armenian keyboard
Azerbaijani Cyrillic
Azeri Latin
Belgian keyboard
Bolivian keyboard
Bosnian Cyrillic
Bosnian Latin keyboard
Bulgarian keyboard
Byelorussian keyboard
Croatian keyboard
Czech keyboard
Danish keyboard
Dhivehi keyboard
Dutch keyboard
Estonian keyboard
Faeroese keyboard
Farsi keyboard
Finnish keyboard
French keyboard
German keyboard
Georgian keyboard
Greek keyboard
Gujarati keyboard
Hebrew keyboard
Hindi keyboard
Hungarian keyboard
Icelandic keyboard
Italian keyboard
Kannada keyboard
Kazakh keyboard
Konkani keyboard
Latvian keyboard
Lithuanian keyboard
Luxemburg keyboard
Macedonian keyboard
Maltese keyboard
Marathi keyboard
Mongolian keyboard
Nepali keyboard
Norwegian keyboard
Polish keyboard
Portuguese keyboard
Punjabi keyboard
Pushto (Afghani) keyboard
Romanian keyboard
Russian keyboard
Sami keyboard
Sanskrit keyboard
Serbian Cyrillic keyboard
Serbian Latin keyboard
Slovak keyboard
Slovenian keyboard
Spanish keyboard
Swedish keyboard
Syrian keyboard
Tamil keyboard
Tatar keyboard
Telugu keyboard
Thai keyboard
Turkish keyboard
Ukrainian keyboard
Urdu keyboard
Uzbek Cyrillic keyboard
Vietnamese keyboard
Welsh keyboard

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Great artilcle about Frontype

Posted on July 6th, 2009

Somebody Gunter Witmann wrote a really great article about his own experience of learning touch typing using Frontype. Actually, we are not agree with the author in some details, but never the less, we publish the article as it is. Gunter thanks a lot! You’ve revealed very bright all the common mistakes user usually do!

A simple method of blind typing – to grow eyes on the fingers

Cool headline! We are really impressed! :) 

I’ve heard about Frontype program from my friend and colleague named Klause. He rushed shaking the flash drive looking disheveled and even more excited than usual. I couldn’t at once understand what the matter was.

- That’s something, Klause said swinging his arms – You must certainly try it!

It was some “cool typing tutor’ cause it is not” Klause said in his usual manner.

I should several times in my life I tried “to make a fresh start from Monday “and to gain skill in touch blind typing but I was full of it for 3-4 lessons.

When I set Frontype that’s the name for screen keyboard I generally liked it, it’s so grey and laconic. As a trainer in real time it demands no seating practicing exercises. You just type your working texts or write in the blog simultaneously mastering blind typing as you are looking at screen only. It sounds attractive. But practically it didn’t turn out so well.

Well, when the keyboard is on the screen it’s much easier to find the needed key. The whole situation is absolutely transparent and it causes problems and makes you feel uncomfortable when you miss the right letter. It happened to me from time to time. Frankly speaking I was more successful in pressing the wrong letters than the right ones. The speed of typing fell down to the critical level. I must have types as if I were a week-sighted epileptic.

Well I was sure everything would be nice if I gained more practice. Half an hour later I become better but my irritation growing harder. Assiduity has never been typical of me. 10 minutes later I closed Frontype and with relief I started printing the text by my usual method, glancing at the keyboard, by the way much faster.

Disheveled Klaus ran again.

- Well how is it?

- Not so well as I expected, much slower than usual

- Have you read the recommendations – asked Klause

- Certainly – I lied – Everything is as it is…

- No, you haven’t read it, it’s just the opposite – Do read it – my friend cried out from the hall.
Well, 20 minutes more or less, I thought and took to reading.

The Method proved to be surprisingly compact, approximately one sheet of A4 containing only 5 points. It began with shaman’s invocations like “shut your eyes and enjoy yourself”, but then the method really intrigued me.

All I did proved to be absolutely wrong. The evident mistake was in my looking at onscreen keyboard instead looking at the text cursor while typing.

Secondly I wrongly made Frontype too small and moved it in the corner in order “not to on it’s way for the text”. And the size should be made very much alike the real keyboard size and be moved as much closer to the printing text as possible.

I took the second attempt at home. At first the speed was so slow as if it were at snail’s pace but this time the way of typing was quite blind while looking at the cursor. To my surprise I enjoyed typing, it wasn’t dull at all. More than that I even discovered drive in touching the right letter. Some were reached easily some took 5 or 6 pressing till I found the wanted one. Then I started pressing the right letters oftener and oftener even at first attempt. I even had an unusual feeling that there was an aura, not exactly aura but I don’t even know how to describe it… my finger was prompted where to press. It looks as if my brain were resting; the needed works had left it. As if intermediate chain were off when the brain were correcting the information needed another time.

The next day I was too overloaded with many urgent problems and had no time to make experiment. But I really noticed that I was much faster to find the right keys. I certainly had to look at the physical keyboard but not all the time. A glance and… three in succession are typed, one… and the end of the word is typed by itself.

It took me approximately a week to type blindly or to be exact fast blind typing. I gave up looking at the keyboard within 2-3 days completely except for some special symbols or other rare things. Thanks to Frontype makers. Now I have become their ardent fan. Which recommendations I’d give to those who begin using blind typing with Frontype:
Read the necessary method.

Hold your hands over the keyboard properly and always get back to the point of departure having your forefingers on the knobs.

Though they write that’s good to press he keys with the finger that’s closer under the proper position of your hands we all the same come to the classical scheme of putting fingers on the keys. You can easily find it at Wiki.

And the most important thing as it turned out is to tear off your eyes from the keyboard it’s not difficult at all. Now I only feel sorry that I haven’t done that before.

Gunther Wittmann


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Hello everyone!

Posted on May 18th, 2009

In our blog we gonna discuss all topics related to typing, touch typing, fast typing, keyboard layouts, special symbols and so on.

Feel absolutely free to ask anything concerning with Frontype program or Frontype Method

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