Tiếng Việt Ngày Màn hình Bàn phím Vietnamese On-Screen Keyboard

Vietnamese keyboard

Xa nhà? Không có bàn phím phù hợp?
Tìm hiểu cơ hội tuyệt vời để giữ liên lạc-gõ!

Far from home? No suitable keyboard?
Great opportunity to learn touch-typing!

Please read The Frontype Method. Five easy steps to touch-typing. >>>
Frontype is a real-time typing tutor with semitransparent on-screen keyboard.
Frontype reflects all your operations with physical keyboard and can be used for simulation of any national keyboard layout.
Frontype looks like a grey transparent film over the screen. Screenshot
It's easy to adjust and customize: size, transparency, color, key sets etc.

Now Frontype™ available in two versions:
with / or without Microsoft .NET Framework

If you are sure your Windows has Microsoft .NET Framework
download Frontype rar (2,3 MB)

If you are not sure or you don't know what .NET Framework means
download Frontype + .NET2.0.rar (28,7 MB)


If you don't see Vietnamese layout at your screen immediately
please, make sure Vietnamese Language is added to your Windows
(Input languages are included with Windows, but you need to add them to your list of languages before you can use them.)

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System requirements

- Windows XP/ Vista
- Pentium 4 / Athlon XP
  or higher
- At least 256MB
  of RAM
- 35 MB free space