Русская наэкранная клавиатура Russian Screen Keyboard

Russian keyboard

Оба-на! Русское зеркало сайта!

Кстати друзья, Frontype можно активировать бесплатно,
для этого пройдите на страницу "Buy" и читайте внизу мелким шрифтом.

Far from home? No suitable keyboard?
Great opportunity to learn touch-typing!

Далеко от дома? Нет русской клавиатуры?
Отличный шанс освоить слепой метод печати!

Please read The Frontype Method. Five easy steps to touch-typing. >>>
Frontype is a real-time typing tutor with semitransparent on-screen keyboard.
Frontype reflects all your operations with physical keyboard and can be used for simulation of any national keyboard layout.
Frontype looks like a grey transparent film over the screen. Screenshot
It's easy to adjust and customize: size, transparency, color, key sets etc.

Download Frontype onscreen keyboard

Good luck!
*NOTE: to move the keyboard and to type by your mouse press:

 Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Z

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