Frontype Method. Five easy steps to touch-typing.

Do not start training until you read this text.
Follow exactly the recommendations.
Do not think. Thoughts draw your attention away.
Do not hesitate. All you have to do is just to break some psychological barrier.


Seat yourself comfortable. Close your eyes. Put your palms on the keyboard, feel its size, dimensions, edges, each row of keys. Find blindly F and J keys. They are marked with hillocks. F and J are your last two friends in that blind world. Value them and every time return index fingers on them. The rest fingers are disposed on the next keys so called "home row".


Open Frontype. Set it up to maximum size suitable to your screen the size of your physical keyboard in the optimum. Move it very close to text cursor. Some may prefer to put Frontype over the printing text and make it more transparent.


Very important: Don't tear your eyes o the screen to look down, but don't look at Frontype neither. Look right to text cursor. Try to find the needed key blindly. Your fingers should remember the keys, not your eyes! Fingers memorize the position of a key relative to F and J.


Start typing. Any text that comes to your mind, your favorite song for example. Keep your fingers on the home row by default. Make amplitude of pressing as small as possible. Try to use all fingers. The wanted key is pressed by the finger that is closer.


Make mistakes. Make a lot of mistakes. At the beginning even don't delete wrong letters. Pressed the wrong key? Press neighbour key. Wrong again? Press next untill you type the right letter. Press it few times. Return fingers to default position and press again. Good. Use other finger to press the same key, may be it's more suitable? If you can't remember (even approximately) where the needed key is situated have casual glance at Frontype. Then look again at cursor and type it blindly.

WOW! Great! Frontype is so simple! No. It's pretty not so simple.

We recommended you not looking at Frontype. Actually, it's not true. You look directly at cursor but your brain receives a lot of information. Visual information. When your finger hits the right or wrong key peripheral vision collects full layout of the background. In Frontype it's deliberately done the backlight of pressed key is slowly disappearing. It's done in order to your brain managed to catch and to send signal right / or wrong to your fingers to develop proper motor reactions.

Also read a funny article about common mistakes! (Thaks a lot to Gunter Wittmann)


System requirements

- Win XP/ Vista/ Win 7
- Pentium 4 / Athlon XP
  or higher
- At least 256MB
  of RAM
- 35 MB free space