The Big Idea

Let's have a look at the future to come. Computer is becoming a continuation of possibilities of our intellect and body. Just imagine a man in a virtual helmet – physical keyboard can't be taken into virtual world. Mankind is typing still more and more. We often communicate while typing so the habits of fast typing, touch typing are simply necessary.

Advantages of Frontype:

No need to tear off your eyes from the screen
The current situation is always reflected, language, register, special symbols everything is spread before the eyes
Wide opportunities of individual tuning in - disposition, size, transparency, color, attaching to the chosen programs.

How to learn to type fast

In the end it would be nice to note that Frontype is not the "Easy Shaper" or "Magic Belt" from TV Shop which promises you all and at once without any efforts. It'll be quite a a job for you. At first the speed of typing is evidently going down and constantly looming keyboard on the screen disturbs you, even irritates. Well, you have to be patient. We tried to make the design of the keyboard as simple and laconic as possible. Besides while you typing skill is getting better, the keyboard can be made more and more transparent – practically imperceptible and soon it may come to the end.

Good Luck
and all the best!
Frontype Team.

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System requirements

- Win XP/ Vista/ Win 7
- Pentium 4 / Athlon XP
  or higher
- At least 256MB
  of RAM
- 35 MB free space