Alexander Diakonov,
Happy to greet our friends!
As some scientists believe Alphabet is the greatest invention of the semite people – the Sumerians. And computer is known to have been invented by Steve Jobs with his friend in a garage. So here we are together thanks to these lucky circumstances.
Frontype is the first product of NEXTUS Company. Others which are not less wonderful are under way. Hope you'll like to use them as much as we like to create them. Demand the genuine in the nearest Internet!

David Goshadze,
David'll write something conceptual he's been meaning to tell people
for a long time.

Alexander Tokarev®,
Tokarev® is so famous and tough that there is no need to give his photo. He's so well known to introduce him is like asking the question where Lenin is, when you find yourself in the Mausoleum.

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